£50bn pours into cash ISAs, but returns are at rock bottom

Charles Incledon, Client Director quoted in The Sunday Times, 13th June 2021

The amount held in cash ISAs by UK savers has reached a record high £313.5bn – an increase of 16% in just a year despite historically low interest rates, shows an analysis of new data by Bowmore Asset Management.

The amount saved in Stocks & Shares ISAs over the same period has dropped 3% from £314bn to £305bn, since then global stock markets have record highs.

“It’s staggering that so much wealth is being lost to inflation, through savers’ attachment to cash ISAs.”

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Bowmore’s Team: Adam Canavan, Financial Adviser

Tell us about how you became a Financial Adviser

When I left university, I joined St. James’s Place Wealth Management as a paraplanner. I quickly came to realise that advising clients and helping them achieve their goals is an incredibly interesting, rewarding, and varied role. I became a financial planner at St. James’s Place and to ensure that I provide clients with the best outcomes I can going forward, I have now joined Bowmore Financial Planning. I feel that Bowmore aligns perfectly with my ethos of recognising that all clients are different and that we need to find the bespoke solution for them.

How do you measure success for clients that you work with?

For me success with clients is rather simple to judge. Are they in control of their decisions and are they able to be financially independent, in whatever way that means to them?

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of being a financial planner is seeing the work you have done come to fruition and the difference it has made. This can be when clients reach retirement, having hit their financial independence objectives or if something unexpected happens and our planning allows clients to get through that difficult moment.

What attracted you to Bowmore?

I was attracted to Bowmore due to the dedicated people that work here and their belief in providing holistic advice that is tailored to meet each individuals needs. Also, I feel that the link between Asset Management and Financial Planning at Bowmore is a point of difference in ensuring the quality of client outcomes.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out within the industry?

To anyone starting out, I would say that the number one thing is to remember that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The most important thing is to understand the client and what matters to them.

How to be a millionaire pensioner with £1.7 a day

John Clamp, Chartered Financial Planner quoted in FT Adviser, 24th May 2021

Bowmore’s research shows that if an 18-year-old was to put just £1.71 into their pension each day (or £625 a year) until retirement age, they would have saved a total of £1m by age 68 – the current state retirement age for an 18-year-old.

John Clamp, Chartered Financial Planner at Bowmore says “there are three main things any investor needs to understand, but especially important for young people:

1. Setting the right disciplines (regular saving and making use of tax breaks/subsidies).

2. Understanding the impact of compound growth (exponential growth rates in the latter years)

3. How to make your money consistently work hard for you (i.e., 5-10% growth per annum).”

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Inflation Woes

Publish by Bowmore Asset Management, May 2021

As the vaccine rollout across the world accelerates, signs that the global economic recovery is also gathering momentum has boosted confidence.  With confidence and growth comes the probability of inflation, particularly when interest rates around the world are languishing at record lows. Central banks have pumped unprecedented levels of stimulus into the global economy, which also helps to increase the chances that inflation will rise.   Mounting inflationary pressure causes the erosion of capital in real terms and should be a warning to all in investors in low yielding assets.  This month we explore ways to combat such rising prices.

Bowmore Asset Management appoints new CIO

Mark Incledon, CEO and Jonathan Webster-Smith, Chief Investment Officer quoted in Wealth Adviser, 6th May 2021

Mark Incledon, CEO of Bowmore Wealth Group, says: “I’m delighted that Jonathan has decided to join the Bowmore group. He is a highly respected industry name having built one of the industry leading Multi-Asset offerings and has delivered excellent and consistent long term performance for his clients.

“His extensive industry knowledge and investment experience from his time at Brooks Macdonald makes Jonathan an excellent fit to become our new Chief Investment Officer. I have absolutely no doubt that our clients will benefit hugely from Jonathan’s addition to the already well established investment team.”

Webster-Smith says: “I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Bowmore. The warm open culture and boutique nature of the business, combined with the positivity of all those involved, made this opportunity immensely attractive.”

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Ambitious wealth boutique recruits CIO from Brooks Macdonald

Jonathan Webster-Smith, Chief Investment Officer quoted in The Wealthnet, 6th May 2021

“I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Bowmore. The warm open culture and boutique nature of the business, combined with the positivity of all those involved, made this opportunity immensely attractive.”

“The plans the business has for the future are really exciting and complement my thoughts on how the industry will evolve over the coming years.  Bigger companies have become complacent and commoditised which presents companies, like Bowmore, with a significant opportunity.”

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FTSE 100 dividend yields forecast to rise 24 per cent this year as economy bounces back from Covid-19 crisis

Charles Incledon, Client Director quoted in Institutional Asset Manager, 1st April 2021

“The ability of the large oil and gas companies to keep growing their dividends is heavily dependent on the price of oil. Investors will, therefore, need to keep an eye on global economic growth in the months ahead. Investors may also want to keep an eye on the banks’ loan books to see whether they start to deteriorate in the coming months.”

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FTSE 100 dividend yields forecast to jump by 24 per cent this year

Charles Incledon, Client Director quoted in City A.M., 31st March 2021

“It is hugely encouraging to see FTSE 100 dividends expected to rise this year. With the recent success of the UK vaccine roll out, the UK economy is now earmarked for a quicker and stronger rebound than was previously expected. As a result, investors should be able to look forward to more blue-chip companies announcing increased dividends in the months ahead.”

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Covid-19 tax bill may bite doctors & higher earners

Mark Incledon, Chief Executive Officer quoted in FT Adviser, 25th March 2021

“As high earners in the private sector often see quite high volatility in their earnings, they ought to be saving as much as they can whenever they can.”

“Many employees and employers are likely to be unaware of this change introduced last year. Anyone who is unsure whether they are putting the right amount of money into their pension should seek advice.”

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