Bowmore Bulletin: Your latest update from the Bowmore team


Every month, we give an update on the goings-on of the Bowmore team. From sporting achievements to award wins, to babies born – and everything in-between – we are always delighted to share our news from Bowmore HQ.

This month, there is much to report. We have proudly celebrated an award win; appeared in the press; congratulated a colleague on exam success and continued our charitable endeavours.

Bowmore Asset Management wins the 2022 Suggestus 3D Award, presented by ARC Limited

At Bowmore, we constantly strive for excellence in all areas of our work. We are absolutely thrilled that we have been named winners of the 2022 Suggestus 3D Award, presented by ARC Limited.

This award is presented in recognition of Bowmore Asset Management’s “ongoing commitment to transparency, engagement and integrity” in the field of asset management.

The ARC Group performs essential investment research for a global clientele, holding impeccable standards of transparency and integrity in their work and setting the bar high for the rest of the industry.

We are honoured to have been recognised for our dedication to these practices and offer our sincere thanks to the ARC Group.

Bowmore in the press

Once again, Bowmore has been featured by multiple press publications this month, including FTAdviser and Money Marketing.

Bowmore research featured in FTAdviser

Our recent research found that the number of people reaching age 100 could hit 78% by 2041.

Discussing the issue with FTAdviser, Bowmore financial planner Helen Thomas said: “There are a number of financial planning implications that could occur if these predictions come true. The first that comes to mind is the sustainability of our current pension system if people live 30 – 40 years past retirement age.”

Our findings featured in Money Marketing

In other news, Bowmore’s research on the number of Inheritance Tax (IHT) receipts was published by Money Marketing in April 2022.

Money Marketing reports, “Bowmore Wealth Group believes the key drivers of the increase have been the rapid rise in residential property prices and a freezing of the tax threshold, both of which have seen more estates become liable to pay IHT.”

You can read both stories in full on the FTAdviser and Money Marketing websites.

Tom Henshaw completes final exams to achieve Fellow status

Back in December 2021, you read about one of our financial planners, Tom, passing the J05 Pension Income Options exam.

Now, just a few short months later, Tom has passed his final exam to become a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) at the age of 26. Congratulations, Tom!

We caught up with Tom about his phenomenal exam achievements and heard about what’s next for this talented young individual.

Can you tell us a bit about which exam you took?

“My final exam was AF4 Advanced Investment Planning. In passing that, I achieved the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, as well as the required number of credits to be awarded Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, the highest accolade within the CII framework.

“The actual module was one of the better exams for me – I found the content very interesting, which always helps with the studying!”

How does it feel to have reached this milestone so quickly?

“It feels fantastic. I started studying for my CII exams straight out of university, so I haven’t had a break from exams for a long time.

“At the outset, I set myself the target of achieving fellowship within five years of starting out, which I have now done. For the time being, at least, I can now have a break from formal study.”

What are your next steps now that your exams are completed?

“There are no further technical qualifications I need to complete, but there are still plenty of areas for development.

“I plan to work on other important aspects of the profession, such as communication and presentation skills, to ensure I am explaining things as clearly as possible to my clients.”

Have you done anything exciting to celebrate your success?

“My wife and I shared a bottle of champagne and visited Bristol Zoo. Considering I’m a biology graduate and she’s a vet, it’s always one of our favourite days out!”

What are your goals for the next few years?

“I want to continue to develop and become the best financial planner I can be, keeping my technical knowledge up to scratch while really developing my communication and problem-solving skills.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Bowmore and everyone who helped me along the way.”

Mark and Duncan continue to train for the Ride for Precious Lives

As you may have read in previous months’ updates, two of our colleagues, Mark Millet and Duncan Harvey, are training for a charity bike ride called the Ride for Precious Lives.

The 225-mile Ride for Precious Lives is being completed in July, in support of Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW), a charity centre providing care to seriously ill children and their families.

Mark Millet became involved with CHSW after Emily, the daughter of Mark’s dear friend and fellow cyclist Mark Paxford, passed away. Together with other riders, they have formed an aptly named “Team Emily” and will be cycling as a group throughout the event to raise funds for this amazing charity.

Mark and Duncan have been working hard to prepare for this event since the start of the year. Let’s hear from them about how their challenging training is going as April and May bring warm spring weather to our doors.

Words from Mark Millet

“As we move from April into May, the serious training moves forward for us cycling chaps!

“Duncan and I finally managed a joint training ride a couple of weeks ago with the other Team Emily riders.

“This was an incident-filled field ride, as Steve C managed to break his bike, while Steve P skidded on gravel, came off his bike and cracked a rib! As you can see, this cycling lark is filled with lots of trials and tribulations. We did, however, manage to make it to Sherston for a very welcome cup of tea and a flapjack.

“As we now increase the distances cycled in each session – we are up to more than 50 miles now – the subject of education and nutrition becomes a more serious matter. We are all trying different drinks and snacks that will sustain us for longer rides. Without a good strategy, you just won’t make it through the day!

“I am going shortly for my follow-up bike fit, to overcome the knee pain and improve my general comfort on the bike. More to report on this later.

“Mark Paxford, our Team Emily leader, has injured his hip playing an extremely dangerous round of golf – don’t try this at home – but after some physiotherapy, he is making good progress and will shortly be back into training.

“Turning to the fundraising efforts, we are currently sitting at just over £2,300. Duncan and I are absolutely gobsmacked!

“Given the other issues going on in the world, our supporters have been very generous. Once we factor in the Gift Aid increase, and the fact that Bowmore will match our efforts, we are now going to be able to help this charity in a really meaningful way. Let’s keep going – who knows where we will end up!

“There are around nine weeks to go in our training before the event and we are redoubling our efforts to fundraise and train without too many injuries. Fingers crossed.”

Donate to the Ride for Precious Lives

If you are inspired by Team Emily and their efforts to raise money for CHSW, you can get involved.

Visit Mark and Duncan’s JustGiving page to donate, or scan the QR code, to help bring life-altering care to children who need it the most.