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Tom Henshaw, Bowmore Financial Planning

Every month, we share some highlights of what’s been happening in and around the Bowmore Group. This month, we celebrate various appearances in the press, success in the exam room, five years with Bowmore Financial Planning, and the birth of a baby boy.

In the press

You may have spotted Bowmore in the press over recent weeks and months. If not, here’s a brief rundown of the coverage we’ve received in the last few weeks.

This is Money

This is Money covered research from Bowmore that revealed the number of company flotations in London more than trebled during 2021, another sign that the City and the UK are thriving.

113 companies joined the stock market in the year to October – compared with just 36 the year before.

Some big-name firms have gone public in the past 12 months too, including Darktrace, Deliveroo, Trustpilot, and Wise.

The market value of the companies listing also more than trebled – coming in at £51 billion, up from £16.5 billion, according to Bowmore Asset Management.

Visit This is Money for the full story, published 29 November 2021.

City A.M.

City A.M. also covered the story under the headline: “Powered by Darktrace and Wise: IPOs in UK jump 310% in a year with 113 companies listing in London”.

The Scotsman

Client director, Charles Incledon, was quoted in The Scotsman talking about how Covid and Brexit jitters had failed to derail the UK stock market.

He said: “For stock market investors it’s great to see that so many major businesses still see public markets as the best platform to realise their full growth potential.

“This is great news for private investors, as last year there was increasing speculation that private equity, reserved for institutional investors, was becoming the default for further investment, in turn denying retail investors the opportunities to invest in new growth companies.”

Read the full story at The Scotsman, published 29 November 2021.

Rising stars

This month, Tom Henshaw passed the J05 Pension Income Options Exam. This covers different strategies for retirement planning. Tom now has only one outstanding exam to sit before achieving “fellow” – the highest Chartered Insurance (CII) designation, which he hopes to do in February 2022.

Tom Henshaw, Bowmore Financial Planning

Here’s what Tom had to say.

First up, can you share a bit about the role you hold at Bowmore?

I’m a financial planner and I look after a wide range of clients across various life stages.

What exam have you just passed, and what does this mean for your career?

I have just passed J05 Pension Income Options, an exam that covers all areas of pension and retirement planning.

It was a particularly useful exam as, at Bowmore, we help lots of clients through the transition into retirement, and a massive part of that is working out the best way to provide income for those clients for the rest of their lives.

No two retirements look the same, so thinking holistically and having knowledge about all options available is really important.

How long have you been working towards this qualification?

I studied for around two months over the summer, sat the exam in October, and have had a nervous wait for the last two months.

How are you at exams, generally? 

I’m generally fairly good with exams and much prefer them to written assignments. However, this exam was a new format for me.

Other financial planning exams I’ve done have either been multiple-choice or long written case studies, whereas this exam was short written answers, which was quite different.

What was the hardest part of preparing for the exam? And the easiest?

The hardest part was juggling everything at once, studying, working full-time, and planning and then having a wedding in the autumn!

The easiest aspect was the indirect study and practice you get from working with real clients. It’s all well and good reading things in a textbook, but things come to life when you’re using the knowledge in the real world.

Can you tell me a bit about how you prepared/whether you have a revision technique or whether you’re simply a natural when learning new stuff?

I generally work my way through the course material once, trying to take in as much information as possible. I then go back over everything and create quizzes to test myself. I find this second stage especially helpful as it helps to spot gaps in my knowledge.

How was the exam? 

Difficult. Although I left the exam feeling quietly confident, I then got more and more nervous during the long wait for the results!

Are you now working towards another qualification, or are you taking a break before diving into your next challenge?

I’m working towards Fellowship, which is the highest qualification offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute. I only have one more exam until I have achieved this, and the plan is to sit this in February 2022.


Last month, Jill Ellicott celebrated her fifth year with the Bowmore team.

What do you remember about your first day at Bowmore Financial Planning?

Everyone was really welcoming and keen to help. I seem to recall the first four days were spent in the Bristol Office and there was an awful lot of information to take in.

What do you love most about your job?

I really love being able to help clients understand their money better and what it can do for them. It can be really hard to visualise your financial future and our cashflow planning software helps with that.

Favourite memorable moment?

Following my success in 2016 as Money Planner of the year, being recommended for London Financial Planner of the Year 2021 in the Women in Financial Advice Awards was fantastic. I was really pleased to have been selected as a finalist in the top 11.

Oh, and the bag I got for Christmas in our Secret Santa a couple of years ago!

New arrivals

Congratulations to Owen Moore and his wife Becky on the birth of their son, George. A brother for big sister Ada, we wish the whole family well.








Season’s greetings

Thank you to all our clients. We love working with you and helping you to achieve your aims and goals.

As this is our last update of 2021, we extend our best wishes for the festive season and hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year.