Wealth manager targets small advisers with £10m warchest

Published by FT Adviser, 4th September 2020

A newly integrated wealth manager has landed a £10m acquisitions warchest as it targets smaller financial advisers and fund management businesses as part of its UK growth plans.

Bowmore Wealth Group, which launched in June through the merger of advice firm Citimark Partnership and discretionary manager Bowmore Asset Management, has secured £10m in credit to search for “high calibre” firms to acquire.

Warning on women ‘overinvesting’ in cash

Published by FT Adviser, 2nd September 2020

Women continue to ‘overinvest’ in cash Isas, threatening to miss out on valuable returns in the long term, an adviser has warned.

According to analysis of HMRC Isa statistics by Bowmore Financial Planning, the gender gap between the number of men and women holding cash Isas has “[failed] to narrow over the last five years”.

Women overinvesting in Cash ISAs face low long-term returns

Published by IFA Magazine, 24th August 2020

The research by Schroders studied the attitudes to risk of 23,000 people and found that women aged from 18 to 34 were much more likely than any other group to be influenced by others when making a financial or investment decision. Women continue to overinvest in Cash ISAs, with the gender gap between the number of men and women holding these products failing to narrow over the last five years, says Bowmore Wealth Group, the integrated wealth manager.

Bowmore Wealth Group are delighted to sponsor two signature holes

Bowmore Financial Planning and Bowmore Asset Management are delighted to sponsor two signature holes at Bristol and Clifton Golf Club.

Back in 2018, Bowmore, formerly Citimark, sponsored a “Hole in One” on the 13th – the prize being a  Porsche Macan. We actually had a winner on the day which was fantastic news for the gentleman who took the shot!

Property fund investors face six-month notice periods

Published by The Financial Times, 7th August 2020

Investors in open-ended property funds could have to wait up to six months to sell down their investments, under regulatory proposals to tackle the “liquidity mismatch”.

This weeks’ proposals from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority are the latest attempt to solve a problem property investors have been grappling with for years — reconciling the daily trading requirements of open-ended funds with illiquid property assets that are hard to sell quickly.

Six-month wait for property fund cash

Published by The Times, 4th August 2020

Investors in commercial property funds should have to wait up to six months to redeem their investments, the City regulator has proposed.

The Financial Conduct Authority said that the pause of up to 180 days would help all investors to be treated equally in property panics and would allow funds to avoid holding such large cash balances.

Six-month wait for property fund cash

Published by Investment Week, 4th August 2020

Measures outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to address the liquidity mismatch in open-ended property funds are expected to dampen investor appetite for the vehicle, and drive flows out of the sector in favour of property investment trusts and ETFs.

The FCA announced on Monday (3 August) its plans to bring a halt to the waves of suspensions in IA UK Direct Property recent years, which included the implementation of a notice period of up to 180 days for consumers redeeming investments.

FCA’s 180-day rule ‘spells the end’ for property funds

Published by FT Adviser, 3rd August 2020

Warning bells have been sounded that the City watchdog’s proposals to enforce a 180-day notice period for open-ended property funds could “spell the end” for retail investors in property portfolios.

Earlier today (August 3) the Financial Conduct Authority published a consultation paper floating rules which would require investors to give notice — potentially up to 180 days — before their investment is redeemed from an open-ended property fund.