Property fund investors could be forced to wait SIX MONTHS to access their cash under new plans to halt emergency suspensions

Published by This is Money, 3rd August 2020

Investors could be forced to give property funds six months’ notice to make withdrawals, under plans to avoid managers bringing the shutters down whenever markets turn volatile.

Investors saw a wave of fund suspensions when the Covid-19 crisis kicked off in March, having already experienced the same following the Brexit vote and the financial crash in 2008, trapping £12.5billion of cash.

Bowmore rebrand offers DFM and financial planning

Published by FT Adviser, 23rd July 2020

For many businesses, a company rebrand during a pandemic outbreak may not factor high on a list of priorities.

But for Mark Incledon, chief executive of the newly branded Bowmore Wealth Group, the change is the culmination of his long-term plans for what was previously The Citimark Partnership.

“It’s always been my ambition to provide quality asset management with chartered financial planning. After 30 years in business, this significantly increases our offering while securing the future of our business,” Mr Incledon says.

Q2 Markets Overview

Since our last quarterly market overview, global stock markets have staged an impressive rally following unprecedented support from central banks and governments to stem the threat from the coronavirus. This support is certainly one of the catalysts for the rally and more recently, a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and TINA (there is no alternative) for investors has fuelled the rally further.

What are the key takeaways from the Chancellor’s Summer Statement?

The Chancellor’s Summer Statement was squarely focused on getting the UK economy back to work. Rishi Sunak detailed his £30bn stimulus package of grants and tax cuts primarily aimed at the leisure and construction sectors.

As you might expect, questions came thick and fast as to how the unprecedented level of government spending would be paid for, but the Chancellor was determined to shelve the gloomy thoughts for another day.

Which investment style will be best suited to the COVID-19 environment and beyond?

Owen Moore, Investment Manager at Bowmore Asset Management Ltd

A very small minority of investors are in the enviable position where their investable assets form part of a much wider estate. Whilst these individuals or families may need to call upon their investments from time to time often the main objective for these pots of money are to serve generations to come and guarantee a certain level of lifestyle.

Growth or Value in a Crisis?

Conventional wisdom suggests that value investing (buying companies at prices lower than their intrinsic value with a view to realise that value in the future) outperforms growth investing (buying companies looking to grow their revenue and market share, and therefore grow their overall value). That is, it had been conventional wisdom up until recently.

FTSE100 companies can cover their debts for average of 292 days versus 369 days during the credit crunch

FTSE100 companies entered the lockdown with enough cash to cover their debts for 292* days on average, shows a study from Bowmore Asset Management Ltd, the asset manager. However, that is down from 369 days’ worth of debt that FTSE 100 companies could pay out of their cash reserves in 2009 during the height of the financial crisis.

FTSE350 supermarkets and pharma hold up the best amidst coronavirus sell off

Supermarkets and pharmaceuticals were the sectors that held up the best across the FTSE350 during the coronavirus-driven stock market sell-off of recent weeks, says Bowmore Asset Management, the asset manager.

Over the first quarter of this year supermarkets and pharmaceuticals both saw share price falls of 10%* (despite their defensive qualities) – compared to a fall in the FTSE350 of 27% over the same period.

Investing during COVID-19. A good or bad idea?

The coronavirus crisis continues to throw up more questions than answers. In this article I look to address a series of questions that both advisers and investors have been grappling with as the pandemic continues to unfold; ranging from where we see value, to which market is best positioned to rebound…