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Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought as 2019 came to a close that within three months we’d all be consigned to home detention, wondering whether Zoom and COVID are now legitimate words in a game of (virtual) Scrabble, holding debates on when we will see the “flattening of the curve” and discussing the relative merits of a “herd immunity” approach versus enforced “social distancing”.

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Coronavirus Update

In our February insights piece, we wrote about the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 (corona) cases. At that stage we were somewhat surprised by the equity market’s resilience to the impact of the virus but we did not envisage quite how quick and severe the sell-off would be in February. This corona-led correction has been exacerbated by the recent actions of Saudi Arabia and Russia who engaged in an oil price war over the weekend.

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Markets Turn Viral

As at the time of writing, the Coronavirus has claimed over 1,000 lives and infected more than 43,000 people in 28 countries, mostly in China.  Comparisons have been made to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which are in the same family of viruses, although deaths from Coronavirus have now surpassed both.

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The Election Of Terrible Choices

It has been dubbed “the election of terrible choices”.  Next Thursday we head to the polls in what will be the third general election in four years. A vote that is perceived by many as the most important in recent times – the “Getting Brexit done” party going head-to-head with the party of “it’s time for real change”.   Whoever wins, it will make a material difference to the outcome for the UK and it is far from certain if either will secure the majority that they crave.

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Green Is Good

Action on climate change has increasingly taken centre stage as protests grow about the perceived lack of action from governments and corporations on key environmental issues.  Swedish climate protestor Greta Thunberg became a standard bearer - addressing the UN after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in a carbon neutral yacht, whilst in London, Extinction Rebellion protestors caused major disruption across the city. 

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Seven Years In The Making...

“There were only seven years between the first and last Beatles albums. That's nothing, seven years, when you think of how their hairstyles changed and their music changed. Some bands now go seven years without hardly bothering to do anything.”
Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down

Over the last seven years there have been many momentous economic, political and market changes. This month we examine some of the primary factors that have had a major impact over that period. More importantly we also consider what the future may hold given the current upheaval and increasingly volatile markets.

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